Monday, April 13, 2009

"The Unaware"

I opened a book at random and jabbed my finger down on six different pages. The words I landed on are the words I used as the endings for my lines. The result was rather interesting...

Words used: Unaware, city, pages, fearful, father, unable.

"The Unaware"

I remember the days of innocence, unaware
that such places as this city
existed outside of the pages
of a book. Now I find myself fearful,
even of my own father,
and I know that despite my wish to help, I am unable.

It kills me inside that I am unable
to fix what was done while, unaware,
I took the word of my father
that we would be say in this city.
And now I lie awake fearful
of what I must write on these pages.

For upon these pages
I have decided to tell what I am unable
to undo. But I am fearful
of discovery, for it is better to be unaware
of the truth in this city
where one cannot trust their own father.

I remember the words of my father
and his reassuring smile as he signed the pages
that bound us forever to this city.
I recall how I tried to stop him, but was unable
to change his mind. Perhaps he was unaware
of the truth, but with so much betrayal, I’m fearful.

I despise the fact that I am so fearful,
but I will not give in. Not like my father.
Though when it began I was unaware,
I know now and my testimony is on these pages.
Even if I am forever unable,
I will never stop trying to leave this city.

I tremble now at what I know of the city.
For the lives of my family and friends I am fearful.
If it was found out what I know, I would be unable
to save myself or them, even my father
who is under their control. I wet these pages
with tears, knowing that all of this is because we were unaware.

But I am determined to escape the city and save my friends and my father.
However, I admit I am fearful of discovery of my plans on these pages,
For, if discovered, I will be unable to save any of those still unaware.

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ambersun said...

Cool - the city is a metaphor right?

Like leaving the yucky bits of the past behind?

God Bless