Thursday, April 9, 2009

CP Squabble April 9-15

Challenge: Write a free verse poem, using this line: Sometimes laughter tastes like cranberries, as your opening OR ending line.

You may start with that line, or use it as the final line, but it MUST be in one of those two locations. Your poem must be free verse (click for info), and should be between 8 and 16 lines long.

Genre: Poetry
Line Count: 8-16 lines


-Cranberry Kiss-

We wandered down the path and laughed as we
dreamed of our future together.
I watched as you popped the red berry
in your mouth and told me this was forever.
You kissed me then and the sour red juice trickled
down our chins. I remember when
you walked away and left me alone,
tears pouring down my cheeks,
and I swore I'd never be happy again.
Time passing and seasons changing
and the pain fading slowly, little by little,
and sometimes I'd find myself
smiling or laughing and it felt sour on my lips,
but underneath it was sweet. Like your kiss.
And I learned that there can be healing and that
sometimes laughter tastes like cranberries.

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