Friday, April 17, 2009

Boredom does exist.

7:42 pm.

Finally I'm writing before a quarter to midnight! Not that I have much more to say. But this post will probably end up being pretty long anyway.

I've been working on my Ren. dress some today. It's coming along slowly. I'm nearly finished with my sister's dress, though. I just need to check the hem length. I'm about... a fourth of the way done with my cape as well. I might try to finish both of those up tonight. I think I may have time. Unless we do a family movie. I'd actually like to do that... For one. Miracle, eh?

I wrote several poems this afternoon. Mostly going back and doing some of the older Poem-A-Day prompts. They came out alright, though most of them are a tad dark. Not horrid, though.

Speaking of dark, I should probably post some of my short stories here eventually. I can't really put them anywhere else, but, so long as no one who reads this minds dark writing, I should be alright putting them here. I wonder where the one I wrote at Ryn's party went...

Maybe I'll also post The Little Children... I should dig that up again and do some work on it. I scared my teacher when she read it. She wondered if I had actually suffered child abuse. :P Not quite. I still like the story, though I didn't do it justice. Maybe I'd be able to fix it now that I've learned so much from CleanPlace.

And on the note of CP... I made a mistake today. >_< The rule is to only post two poems a day, and I new it, but I forgot and accidentally posted three. *headdesks* Nia was really nice, though. She just reminded me and told me to only post one tomorrow. It's still a bit embarrassing, though...

I'm getting really hungry... I think I'm going to stop blogging as I'm typing a whole lot to say nothing.

No galu govad gen. May blessings go with you.


(8:04 pm)

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ambersun said...

Hi again

Yeah I did heaps of dark writing for ages - now I sort of add a bit of comedy to lighten it up again. Not always though.

Would love to read some of your stories. I can cope with dark - it won't scare me.

You sound like you feel a little better - I hope you do!

God Bless