Saturday, September 12, 2009


12:50 PM.

It's been a long time since I've updated this and I have a lot to say that I know I won't get to right now, but I'll try to say at least a little of it. The house is quiet, Skillet is playing, and I have words that should be said.

This summer has been... something unlike any other. It's had highs I couldn't imagine, and even though there have been drastic lows, I don't think there's been anything to equal the worst. I guess maybe this summer has been the best I can remember. Certain parts have been, for sure.

The early part was hard. My best friend went to live in CO as a live in helper for a friend up there and I hardly got any chance to speak with her. I still haven't really. However, this situation did give me the chance to get to know another dear friend much better and I also found myself beginning to come out of my shell a little and talking with some people that I otherwise might not have.

Then in July I was given the opportunity to go up to WA for a week to stay with a DioM friend. I took the chance for a few reasons: I got to spend time with a good friend and meet a few others I might never have otherwise, I got to experience visiting the other side of the country, and I got away from home for a while. I have to admit that things were so stressful at the time the chance came up that the last might have been my biggest reason initially, but it turned out to be a wonderful thing. I got to really bond with my friend and she's now like a little sister to me. In addition, that was the first trip that I managed to really retain my friendship with the person through, and it was a blessing. Even if some things went badly, I'm glad I went.

6:24 PM.

It's many hours later as I got interrupted, but I'm really wanting to blog right now. I have other things I should be doing, but I need to get some thoughts out.

Anyway. The trip to WA was a good set up for a trip I went on only a couple weeks later--CleanPlace Moot 2009.

For a while I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make Moot. Finances were tight with my family, I couldn't find a job, and other similar things. When I found out that the last person I would really have considered a close friend had the time was being forced to give up on making to the conference, I pretty much decided to give up. It was a really hard decision. In the beginning I had only wanted to go in order to see Liss and then Linny when she decided to try to go, but somewhere along the way I found myself really wanting to go just for the sake of going, not just because of who was going. Having to give up on that hope then was really hard. I was really devastated and ended up crying in front of my parents when it was mentioned for only the second time in years. A couple days later my dad told me that he had gotten an outside job that would be paying well and that he would help me with the money towards Moot.

However, I am being called away once again and I believe I shall make a separate post later about Moot. I want very much to.

But for now, farewell. I must go work on my room so that an in-depth make over of my room can be begun. So off I go into the world of cleaning. I wonder what books on tape I have on hand...

No galu govad gen, mellyn nin.