Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Book by Bryan Davis!

The Echoes from the Edge series by best-selling author Bryan Davis is an exciting, action-packed adventure/fantasy that's great for anyone 13 and up. If you like mystery and suspense, you'll love this book.In celebration of the latest release in the series, the author is selling autographed copies of the first book, Beyond the Reflection's Edge, for only $5 plus shipping. Here is a link for that deal: Here is the series website: You can also get it at any online bookstore.

To see a trailer about the series and the latest book in particular, watch here!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Skillet's new songs!

Though I haven't known about Skillet for a full year, I became a fan fast. I know every song from their newest two CDs and love all of them. And now they have two new songs out! Woot! I already have Monster memorized, and the radio station I just started listening to online plays Hero!!! YES! It just finished playing and I had to share my excitement. *grins*

I've begun working on Salt&Light again too. I think I'm going to need to make sure we get an article about Skillet's new songs/CD(coming out in August) in there. It's way too good to pass up. I wonder if any CPers will be interested in helping out with the magazine... I want to try to get the first issue out by the end of Summer, but I need more recruits first. Out of the 35 we had last time, we're down to less than a dozen. But I only started it up again the other day.

In case any of you are interested, I have a temporary site that I've been playing around with here. Look out, music starts on the home page and it can be a little loud. I think the song suits our mission though.

Anyway, taking off now. Thanks for reading my ramblings once again.

God bless, my friends.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

School's out!

Yup, Summer break has arrived. So long it's been... a time of recuperation, I guess. A lot of sleeping. I got to talk to a couple friends for a while today, though. Now I'm sitting here in my summer cloak, hood up over my headphones, listening to music and chatting with Liss.

I honestly have like nothing to say. I've been reading a bit. Here's my list of book I've read this week.

Princess Ben
Mindwarp 5: Shapeshifter
Mindwarp 6: (can't remember)

Still need to finish Inkheart. I think I'm going to finish it in book form rather than CD. I just haven't really been listening to the CD in a while.

I also want to finish the old P&P this week. I got through the first part on Youtube the other day, but it's hard to find a time where me, Mindless, and my mom can all sit down to watch it undisturbed.

Oh well. I'm going to end this. I have nothing to say. :P

God Bless.


Friday, May 8, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

10:23 pm.

So, this title could easily indicate a deep, meaningful post... but it doesn't. All it means is that my back is absolutely killing me, but I got a good bit done on my dress. I have almost the entire top part done. The right sleeve just needs to be attached. True, I should have been working on my Squab... but I was in the mood to sew. I was listening to Inkheart on CD too and it had me really caught up in the story.

Today's been long, but not as long as some recent days. I'm so glad school is almost over, though-

Oh shoot, I forgot I needed to write journal entries today. Meh. Now I have to do a bunch before bed.

Anyway, I'm glad school is almost over. It's been a difficult year. I just hope I have some time to breathe this summer. I'm planning on having Ema come down in July and I need to finish up Chemistry and Math as well as try to save up enough money for Moot in August... Plus I want to try to get some private lessons for dance and then maybe compete in the regional championship in December (in Texas) so I can have a better chance of meeting Linny. So, yeah. A lot to do.

I plan on catching up on sleep before starting on any of that, though.

And maybe remembering how to live properly.

I refound a fan-fic I adore today, Yours To Command. It's an LotR one about √Čomer and Loth√≠riel. So pretty. :D

Um... wow... Talking with Ema on chat... She worries me sometimes. O_o

*tries to pop spine into place* I wish I could pop my own back like some people can. Or better yet, that Liss was here to do it for me. Maybe I will have to go to the chiropractor soon...

Well, I have little else to say. So I won't try to say anything.

God Bless, my friends.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So alone... so lonely... so tired...

Why can't I do anything right?

I just hurt everyone, don't I? I shouldn't be allowed around others...

I just mess up again and again and again...

Monday, May 4, 2009


6:03 pm.

I think my computer may have just lost the assignment I've been spending all day working on... It's due tomorrow and if it's lost I'm going to cry. I swear.

I'm listening to Tuck Everlasting music to try to relax. This one the most.

It's so beautiful... I want to watch the movie now, though...

I really really hope my stupid movie maker program unfreezes. I do NOT want to have to do the assignment over again!


1:57 pm.

I don't know what to do about a lot of stuff... I talked to a friend last night and came away with a lot more questions and no answers. I lay in bed thinking about it for a long time last night and the only answer I could piece together is one I don't want to face. I just wish I could shut down the world for a while.

I had an interesting dream last night, but it's fading. All I remember now is that it was VERY loosely inspired by Bloodhound. Which was a good book, by the way.

Now I must get back to my 25 page report and stop procrastinating.

God Bless.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sorrow lasts through this night...


Right now I'm not sure if this song is hopeful or not... It makes me feel better, though. Life has been difficult the past few days and I'm getting tired...

by Flyleaf

Sometimes life seems to quiet
Into paralyzing silence
Like the moonless dark
Meant to make me strong

Familiar breath of my old lies
Changed the color in my eyes
Soon he will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by

Sorrow lasts through this night
I'll take this piece of you
And hope for all eternity
For just one second I felt whole
As you flew right through me

Left alone with only reflections of the memory
To face the ugly girl that's smothering me
Sitting closer than my pain
He knew each tear before it came
Soon He will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by

Sorrow last through this night
I'll take this piece of You
And hope for all eternity
For just one second I felt whole
As You flew right through me

And we kiss each other one more time
And sing this lie that's halfway mine
The sword is slicing through the question
So I won't be fooled by his angel light

Sorrow lasts through this night
I'll take this piece of you
And hope for all eternity
For just one second I felt whole
As you flew right through me
And up into the stars

Joy will come

Friday, May 1, 2009


9:31 pm.

I've been able to talk to Liss (online) for a total of an hour and a half over the past three days. And she's on a retreat until Sunday afternoon... So no contact until then. It's been hard... I'm used to being in frequent contact with her. And now it's kind of like withdrawl. I'm basically just numb and passive... Trying not to let the loneliness crush me. I have little interest in anything right now... but it should pass in a few days.

A fresh storm just rolled in. I should open the window to smell it... But my dad and brothers are getting home now.

The only real good news (for me) about this weekend is that my mom's at a retreat as well and I don't have to deal with her this weekend on top of everything else.

I'm reading a lot. That's about the only way I can keep from drowning in all of this. It's got me pretty fully disconnected, though.

Anyway, I'm going to end this and heat up the greenbeans for my family's dinner. I wonder if we're going to watch a movie tonight...

Later, y'all.