Saturday, May 16, 2009

School's out!

Yup, Summer break has arrived. So long it's been... a time of recuperation, I guess. A lot of sleeping. I got to talk to a couple friends for a while today, though. Now I'm sitting here in my summer cloak, hood up over my headphones, listening to music and chatting with Liss.

I honestly have like nothing to say. I've been reading a bit. Here's my list of book I've read this week.

Princess Ben
Mindwarp 5: Shapeshifter
Mindwarp 6: (can't remember)

Still need to finish Inkheart. I think I'm going to finish it in book form rather than CD. I just haven't really been listening to the CD in a while.

I also want to finish the old P&P this week. I got through the first part on Youtube the other day, but it's hard to find a time where me, Mindless, and my mom can all sit down to watch it undisturbed.

Oh well. I'm going to end this. I have nothing to say. :P

God Bless.


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ambersun said...

Yay - summer break. Enjoy yourself while we, here in Australia, gear up for another winter

God Bless