Friday, May 8, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

10:23 pm.

So, this title could easily indicate a deep, meaningful post... but it doesn't. All it means is that my back is absolutely killing me, but I got a good bit done on my dress. I have almost the entire top part done. The right sleeve just needs to be attached. True, I should have been working on my Squab... but I was in the mood to sew. I was listening to Inkheart on CD too and it had me really caught up in the story.

Today's been long, but not as long as some recent days. I'm so glad school is almost over, though-

Oh shoot, I forgot I needed to write journal entries today. Meh. Now I have to do a bunch before bed.

Anyway, I'm glad school is almost over. It's been a difficult year. I just hope I have some time to breathe this summer. I'm planning on having Ema come down in July and I need to finish up Chemistry and Math as well as try to save up enough money for Moot in August... Plus I want to try to get some private lessons for dance and then maybe compete in the regional championship in December (in Texas) so I can have a better chance of meeting Linny. So, yeah. A lot to do.

I plan on catching up on sleep before starting on any of that, though.

And maybe remembering how to live properly.

I refound a fan-fic I adore today, Yours To Command. It's an LotR one about √Čomer and Loth√≠riel. So pretty. :D

Um... wow... Talking with Ema on chat... She worries me sometimes. O_o

*tries to pop spine into place* I wish I could pop my own back like some people can. Or better yet, that Liss was here to do it for me. Maybe I will have to go to the chiropractor soon...

Well, I have little else to say. So I won't try to say anything.

God Bless, my friends.


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ambersun said...

Hope the summer holidays are filled with rest, encouragement and fun.

Sorry to hear about your back. Sounds awful.

God Bless