Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell ' 09

Inspired by Raen and a few others, I've decided to make a list of a few of my top nine of '09.

The 9 Best [Or Most Memorable] Events of 2009:
1. CleanPlace Moot and after-moot mini-moot in August.
2. Skillet concert in September (Particularly getting noticed by John during "It's Not Me, It's You." That memory never fails to brighten my mood) and the fun afterward.
3. Staying with Lu in WA in July
4. Singing with Raen and Younger Fern at Moot. (I know that could fit under "Moot," but it's more special than just that.)
5. Phone calls with Linny. I know it's not any one event, but it counts for me.
6. Getting my puppy, Lucy, in November.
7. CP Mini-Moot Christmas Party
8. Joining CleanPlace in March
9. Skit practice at the Moot Lock-In.

9 Favorite Movies I saw in 2009:
1. Born of Hope
2. The Illusionist
3. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
4. Serenity
5. Up
6. Merlin's Apprentice
7. Return of the King
8. 10 Things I Hate About You
9. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The 9 Best Places I Visited in 2009:
1. Bear Trap Ranch, CO
2. WA and the Pacific Coast
3. Renaissance Festival
4. The top of the cliff behind the lodge at BTR.
5. Chipotle in CO.
6. Lu's house and her yard swing.
7. CleanPlace (It's a place, look at the name.)
8. Kate's house
9. Stone Mountain concert field

9 Awesome People I Met for the First Time in 2009: (In order of meeting them as far as I recall)
1. Kate

2. Lu

3. San

4. Linny

5. Raen

6. Flynn

7. Celeris

8. Lady Fern (Both parts of "her." It's not cheating. :6:)

9. Legolas

9 Favorite Songs in 2009:
1. Lion by Rebecca St. James
2. The Last Night by Skillet
3. Forgiven by Skillet
4. Whispers in the Dark by Skillet
5. Imperfections by Skillet
6. Antidote by B. Reith
7. Sorrow by Flyleaf
8. White Horse by Taylor Swift
9. Fully Alive by Raen and me

9 Good Books I Read in 2009:
1. The Truth About Forever--Sarah Dessen
2. Along for the Ride--Sarah Dessen
3.City of Bones--Cassandra Clare
4.Yours to Command--Fan-fiction author
5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban--J. K. Rowling
6. Montmorency--Eleanor Updale
7. Snow Queen--Mercedes Lackey
8. Sandry's Book--Tamora Peirce
9.Song of Erin--B. J. Hoff

9 Miscellaneous Things I Learned in 2009:
1. Asking for prayer doesn't make you weak.
2. Guys are honestly not worth the stress when you're still too young to marry.
3. Sometimes a brief message from a busy friend saying that they love you can make all the difference.
4. Sometimes it's better to just shut up and listen and keep your advice to yourself.
5. However, if you have something that you feel needs to be said, waiting for a "good moment" only makes things worse.
6. Things get handled a lot better if you don't loose your temper.
7. Even when things seem the darkest, the stars are always there.
8. Allowing yourself to be yourself is okay. So is enjoying doing so.
9. I am loved by God and by friends.

10 Things To Do in 2010:
1. Go to Moot 2010
2. Go to MoMoCon
3. Go to AtlantaFest
4. Learn some ballet
5. Take vocal lessons
6. Learn to play guitar better
7. Learn to play guitar better
8. Finish a story/novel/series
9. Learn to communicate better with others
10. Get ready for college