Thursday, April 9, 2009

Going on again.

I'm not feeling much better today. I hate being sick. I think it should be outlawed.

They had a new member joining on CleanPlace today. It seems weird to be barely full member status and already have a new batch of newbies. Might just be me, though.

I worked on one of my poems for the ECP (Extra Credit Project) yesterday and was pretty pleased with its turn out... then found out today that Nia limited the poems to twenty lines! I have twenty-eight! *headdesks* I hate writing short poems, so I'm a little disappointed. I guess I'm going to need to do some editing. At least it's free verse. I can probably just lenghten the lines. It's only three stanzas.

-Many hours later-

Well, I got distracted by the phone. Liss called. After that I got to talk to Linny for four hours. :D That was awesome. My day actually turned around quite well. I got back online and did the poem for the CP squabble and I'll post that right after this. It came out alright. It was really hard to keep it within the word limit, though. How am I going to manage the twenty line ECP limit??

Linny I discussed poetry to some length today and I realized again how much of my poetry (and short stories) is dark. I guess it's like the said, they're always more emotional and, hence, typically turn out better. At least for me. I'd love to read some of Linny's poems,but she says she's never going to post them. Maybe someday I can convince her to show me a few, though. *innocent grin*

Have I rambled long enough? I'm sitting here waiting for Lisse to get online so I can talk to her before bed. She's due in about thirty minutes. Maybe I should try to eat first? A quesadia for breakfast and that handful of chocolate chips a few minutes ago probably doesn't qualify as a full day's nutrition. :oops:

Not that it was intentional. I just forgot to eat while I was on the phone and I didn't get off until almost eight. And then I forgot again. I'm a bit ADD today. I was everywhere while on the phone with Linny. Especially while trying to figure out the patterns.

*laughs* My brother's watching 3-2-1-Penguins. I remember when that show first came out. It was really different from Veggie Tales. Both are now my baby brother's favorites.

I don't recall what I've said about my brother... He's the youngest of the five of us. He just turned five and he has Down's Syndrome. He's adorable. I love my baby. *huggles him*

I think I'm done going on now. I'll spare your poor eyes.

Until next time,


ambersun said...

Hi again

Glad your day was a bit better. So was mine.

I liked the cranberry poem - I wish I could write poetry. Believe me I've tried. If you think your poetry is dark you should've seen my early efforts. People cried when they read them. It was awful.

Here's to a happy and restful Easter.


Blire Daeriel said...

If you could get people to cry by reading your poems, I think you must have been pretty good. :) I'd love to see some of your poems someday if you ever feel inclined to share.