Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Children's Play"

Prompt 18: Write a poem with an interaction of some sort.

Written: April 19

"Children's Play"

She sits quietly, enjoying her solitude
as she plays with her doll.
No interest is shown to the other children
who bustle around with
their voices raised in play.
She rocks her baby gently,
tender care bestowed upon the worn
plastic. Sweet melodies are whispered
into the doll's ear and it is clear
that the two are in a world of their own.

The girl is oblivious to the timid approach
of another child, a little boy, aware
that he is intruding on something
he was not invited to join.
He sits on the floor a few feet away
and watches silently. The girl is still locked
inside her imagination. Scooting carefully,
the boy edges closer until he is beside
the other child and can hear
her whispered song. He waits until
the melody is finished before he asks,
"Can I be the daddy?"

The little girl opens her eyes quickly and stares
at the little intruder beside her.
She examines him, a solemnness in her eyes.
Finally she asks, "Do you yell?"
The boy shakes his head earnestly.
"Do you hit people?" the girl asks again.
The boy shakes his head once more.
The girl studies him for a long moment,
then carefully hands over the little
doll. "Yes," she tells him. "you can be the daddy."

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ambersun said...

This is a lovely one - the questions we all must ask of our daddy.

God Bless