Saturday, April 18, 2009

Irony is my life.

11:04 pm.

So... We went out today for hours to look for a dress for me to wear to my co-op's formal. We spent from about five hours out looking. The irony?

The only dress that worked was one we found at the first store. It was frustrating.

We have to go back on Monday to pick it up and I'm not exactly thrilled about that. I'm going to have to find shoes that go with it too. Hopefully, that goes faster.

Good news, I finished my cape today. Unfortunately, I lost my camera so I can't get pictures of it yet. I'll try to get some soon, though. It's not perfect, but it came out alright. It should work with my dress, I guess. Although the machine stitching is obvious. Not that I was going to hand stitch it. *rolls eyes*

I'm feeling rather lonely today... Since Liss is leaving on the 29th, this weekend would have been my last chance to see her for any length of time... it didn't happen. I've been trying not to cry when thinking about it...

My keyboard cut out in the middle of the above sentence and my mood has been worsened. I'm going to end this here.

No galu govad gen.


(11:29 pm)

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