Friday, April 10, 2009

Rambling again...

I had nightmares again last night. I hate that. They were creepy, for the most part. In one I had a best friend who died and then came back as a ghost. In another my parents were aliens or something (that one was weird). And I don't remember the third one. It was an interesting night. Liss pulled an all-nighter which I'm displeased about, but at least she's doing alright. I should send her to bed soon.

I need to get my ECP poem posted on CP today. I have the first written, though not yet edited. I should try to post it now rather than waiting. So far I typically do the Squabbles and whatnot the first day of the challenge. I'd hate to break my record.

*sighs* I really really wanted to see Liss again before she left for the summer... but every day draws closer to her departure... by now the chance of me seeing her is slim to nothing. I hate that... I'm feeling so lonely here lately... and now the person closest to me who really actually cares (other than a guy :ninja:) is leaving to go many states away... It's just... rough, I guess.

I'm not really sure what I'm talking about, so I'm going to stop and possible get my notebook so I can do something productive. :P


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ambersun said...

Hi again

Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you for your comments on my blog - very encouraging.

Remember that God loves you very much and you can lean on Him through this time.

God Bless