Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Story!

I'm working on a new story and Liss suggested that I post a synopsis here. So I will.

TITLE: Jack's Tale (working title)
GENRE: Romance
THEME(S): No idea...
CHAPTERS: I should have around six when I'm done.
BASIC PLOT: Jack is a thief. On a failed job one night, he meets a girl. She sticks in his mind despite the briefness of their contact and he regrets the lost chance to get to know her. Until she shows up again in the least likely of places.

So far I have about 2k done which is the first chapter. It's pretty fun. Jack is self-centered and arrogant and believes he can do no wrong. It's my first time writing a pompous jerk and it's rather entertaining.

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ambersun said...


I wrote my first novel last year and found it was a lot of fun.

Your plot sounds intriguing.

Keep going and enjoy it.