Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm sick. Not too badly, but I still don't feel well. Oh well, I'll probably get to watch Memoirs of a Geisha or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon tonight to make up for it.

I've been doing some writing lately. I made a goal with myself to write at least a page every night. So far I've done it since I started. Two days ago. I count that as doing fairly well. I'm working on an AAP. I actually like my character fairly well. I'm looking forward to the story.

Speaking of which...


I love it. I feel kind of like a trespasser... but I'm hoping maybe I'll fit in someday. It's been nice to have it today when I've been sick and Liss has been gone most of the day. I've posted two things there so far. I wonder if I'll get feedback on either...

Anyway, everyone there is just as awesome and wonderful as Lisse said they were. I'm not surprised seeing as they're the people she's chosen for her friends. I wonder if I'll be able to call many of them my friends soon. I (perhaps wrongly) already consider Mir a friend, and I've been talking on FB with Linny, so perhaps her as well. They're both wonderful. Of course, everyone is. And they're all amazing writers to boot. Reading their stuff I can see that I have so much to learn.

But... anyway... I think dinner might be ready. I'm getting lightheaded again and I can smell food. Why do we never eat on time? *grumbles about this*

Anyway, I'm off. TTYL, ART.

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