Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy day...

For once. :P I am notorious for being rather lazy and never leaving the house. However today I left the house within two hours of getting up. Not only that, but I cooked a little before that. I went to the thrift store and got a new fedora and three books. :woot:

After that I came home and tried to see if there was a Ren dress pattern that Mindless liked. Oh yeah! I ordered one for myself the other day. It's gorgeous. I can't want to make it. After the failure of finding one for Mindless, I looked at Warrior's costume blog and decided to just try to imitate the overdress she made. Mindless doesn't mind and I made a doll sized one as a sample that came out alright. So I should be able to make one for my 5'7" little sister. It's actually easier to make full sized things. More room for mistakes. *shifty eyes*

Anyway... so yeah. I've done a lot more than usual today. All in all, a pretty good follow up to the awesome dance class last night. I got to dance with two amazing dancers which was exciting. I learned a bunch of new moves and actually got to do some awesome stuff in the waltz! My partner taught me how to dip properly. And I got to dance with the dance teacher twice. And he said I was good. *dark blush* It was pretty good.

Aaaaaanyway. I'm done rambling.

Peace, y'all.



ambersun said...

Hi again

Glad you had a better day. Don't beat up on yourself when you can't get things done.

So who are these dresses for? Can you post pictures of them on your blog so I can see?

God Bless


Blire Daeriel said...

I'm making dresses for my sister and I to wear to the Renaissance Faire next month. :D I'm really excited. *is such a dork* I made myself a cloak a while ago and I'm looking forward to having a dress to go with it. I'll go ahead and post pictures of the patterns I'm using.