Friday, March 20, 2009


Dude... I have the most terrible headache. It's killing me. It's especially bothersome because it's putting a block on my attempts to edit Jack's Tale part 1. Meh.

The first day of the play was today. It went alright, I suppose. It was done a lot sooner then everyone expected it to be. That was nice. I hate my costume. I might post some pictures here eventually. Maybe. Maybe not. Creepy stalker people might see them. Although, with the way I looked, I might scare them all away from my area permanently!

Ugh, my family is watching what little bit we recorded. *falls over* I guess I'll watch it eventually, but maybe not until after tomorrows performance. I can't wait till Sunday. Then we'll be done. :woot:

Ugh. My head...

Hm. I think we're about to eat. I guess I'd better sign off.

TTFN, ART. No galu govad gen!

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