Sunday, March 8, 2009

I don't know.. I just feel like posting something.

The title says it all. I'm just going to leave this page up for awhile and post randomly when I have a thought.

My sister sent me the first part of her NaNo yesterday for me to start editing. Yay! I just did my first piece of real feedback yesterday too as preparation for joining CP. It was actually pretty fun. Not enough to want to be an editor for my career, but it wasn't torture. I just have no confidence in my skills. I'm afraid if I point out everything I see I'll crush someone's spirit. Or that if I go too lightly they'll think I'm stupid. *hides* I'm paranoid...

*sighs* Thinking depressing thoughts about not fitting in now. I should stop. Meh.

Another topic... another topic...

I'm getting hungry. I think we're supposed to be having lunch soon. I hope so, at least. I need to cut back on how much I'm eating, though. I'm starting to overeat at meals. >_< I guess it's a stress reliever of sorts. But then I just get more stressed when I look in the mirror... I don't have a problem with people who are heavier. I think some people look absolutely gorgeous like that. I have a friend as an example. However, I'm not one of those people. Plus, it's a bad thing when it comes to dance.

Oops. Someone was chasing my sister's cat and I thought it was my most ill-behaved brother so I scolded him... Only to find out that it was my sister. Strangeness.

Actually, I have no room to speak. This whole blog post so far is strangeness.

I need to call Ema. Why can't lunch hurry up? I have to wait till it's over to call...

Hm... to keep posting or to open up Dessil's story... *ponders this* To edit, or not to edit that is the question. For whether it is better to post or to red-pen a siblings work... :P

Well, that's not technically right... it would be red font since I'm not printing it out... but red pen sounds better. :P

I think I'll just go ahead and submit this post. I might do another later, but I'm done-ish for now.

TTFN, ART! (Ta-Ta For Now, Anyone-Reading-This)

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