Thursday, April 24, 2008


Blogging is an interesting thing. A journal, but on the web where any can see. It makes me personally a bit tongue tied. But I enjoy it nonetheless. I have another blog, but it isn't really for me. It's more of a place where I type little notes for people I know who all want to hear about my life and can't be bothered to ask for themselves. I hope this one will be different.

I suppose I should tell anyone who might read this without knowing who I am a bit about myself. My name is Jessica, I am sixteen, but I don't yet have my permit. I am also a Christian, doing my best to grow closer to my Lord. My favorite colors are black, blue, red, dark brown, forest green, and hot pink. I love to read and aspire to be an author one day. I have blond hair that I wish was brown, blue eyes that I think are too small, and a round face. I'm not particularly happy with my looks, and though I've been told I'm pretty, I disagree. I'm a dancer, though I do Irish dance instead of Ballet like I would like to. But those are the surface things.

My favorite place to be is a message board. A bit strange, I know, but if you knew the people there, you would understand. The forum is for a Christian fantasy series by author Bryan Davis called Dragons in our Midst. Those of us belonging to the Forum Family, lovingly call our board DioM. Through this board I met my two best friends. They mean the world to me and I would do anything for them. Even die. *props chin on hand* Actually... I've done something for them that's even harder at times. I've lived for them. It comes with wonderful rewards. Such as the fact that I shall be meeting them in May. May 30th to be exact. I haven't a clue how I shall last til then, but I suppose I'll be kept busy by all sorts of time consuming, useless things. As well as the important things like talking with my Angels. That's what I call them: my Angels, or Valier nîn in Elvish. I love them more than anything of this earth.

Well, as the hour grows late and I've run out of things to say, I shall end now.

No galu govad gen. May blessings go with you.


Kale said...

Hey Blacky! I like your blog.

You have a lot of favorite colors. :) That's cool.


Nuntius said...

*Stamps blog with big red stamper*

You now have Van's Official Stamp of Bloggitorial Approval.

Now, just forget that "Bloggitorial" isn't a real word. Because it is now.